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The UW Property team pride themselves on taking the time to understand your financial goals, investment strategies, property plans, personal goals, features and requirements in relation to your investment criteria.

What Type of Investor Best Describes You?

"Numbers Investor" – examines all of the numbers, very detailed, seeks advice, endlessly making market comparisons

"Dynamic Investor" – Gains basic understanding of the property market, seeks professional advice, becomes relatively informed about viable property investments

"Passive Investor" – Lacks interest in the details of the property market, buys on referral or without too much research or comparisons

What are you after?

* Houses
* Duplexes and Town Houses
* Dual Occupancy
* Units
* Property Options
* Vacant Land
* NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
* NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme

How are you investing?

* Personal
* Partnership
* Unit Trust
* Family Trust
* Not sure?

Call Us: 1300 171 799

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Would you like to be assisted and guided by property experts standing beside you throughout the whole process of selecting and buying your investment property?

Do you feel daunted by the process of buying your first investment property or just need to buy back some time in finding the required property?

Let UW Property save you time, money and give you back your nights and weekends of looking through real-estate advertisements trying to find the right property.

​We can show you options and designs nationally, therefore ensuring you get to know all available options and properties in your desired areas that suit your investment profile.

​Options for investors could include one of the following:

* Cash rebate upon settlement
* Assistance with interest payments during the construction phase
* Rental guarantee periods after settlement

You can also check out SUPAVEST to find out how you can invest in property with you SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund).

Want to Become a Partner or Find Out More?

If you would like to learn how your building firm can partner up with UW Property please contact us as we are always at the forefront and looking to add quality properties to our portfolio that we can then share with our partner networks.